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Your book does absolute wonders

AARUSHI TAPARIA Mumbai September 25, 2015


Its an honour to have written to you after being associated with your book for my preparation for the upcoming CA Final.

The book does absolute wonders.

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I always recommend your book

Sreenivas J. Chennai September 25, 2015

I am a CA based at Chennai and a guest faculty in Indirect taxation. I like Ur book on indirect Taxation in 3 modules and I always recommend the book to my students to follow for CA final

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Book gives lot of guidance

chitrarth Mehta Ahmedabad September 25, 2015

This is Chitrarth here from Ahmedabad, student of CA final & reader of ur books in Idt...1st off all m very thankful to u 4 ur books which gives me lot of guidance 4 study..

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Your revision lecture at Ahmedabad was like cherry on the cake

Ananya Jauhari Ahmedabad September 25, 2015

I am Ananya, a CA final student and I would like to begin by thanking you for writing such a wonderful book on IDT. It has been very helpful in my preparations till now and your revision lecture at Ahmedabad was like the cherry on the cake and gave me the right direction for my preparations.

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Your book is a great help

VARDDAN SUMAN Delhi September 25, 2015

Dear Mr. Vineet,

I am teaching Indirect taxes in Delhi to CMA/CS students.

I just received third edition of INDIRECT TAX LAWS.

Its really a great help for CS/CMA students.

I have just come to know about your glorious score in direct tax in CA-final exams.

May i please receive some guideline from you,regarding CA/CS/CMA direct tax papers.

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Your book is very helpful

Mayank Bansal -- September 25, 2015

I am one of your student who referring your recent edition of taxman IDT module. I am glad to thank you for your book. Its really helping me a lot.

We all know you are the merit holder in all your exams and how good you were in studies and all. I dont know you personally but whatever i read about you , one thing i came to know how humble person you are.

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your book is amazing

anoosh mohamed -- September 25, 2015

Am thanking you for the contribution made by you in the form of a book Indirect taxes..

Its simply amazing...

Thanks a lot..

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we appreciate quality of content in your book

Sanjay Kumar Thakur -- September 25, 2015

Being a student of CA final, we have studied your book "Indirect Tax Laws"(Module-I,II,III) and appreciate the quality of its content.

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your book is very nice

Akash Jain -- September 25, 2015

i would like to congrats u to come with such a nice book of idt for students like us

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Your modules are very good

Kiran Patel -- September 25, 2015

your modules of CA Final Indirct Tax laws are very good in studying and understanding.

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