CA Mangal Rajesh Kumar (Ballot No. 12) for Central Council Elections

In this electrifying CA political seasons, why be apolitical ?

Take part in Politics because “The biggest disadvantage of not doing so is ‘you may be ruled by some incapable persons”.

Now, we come to issue of selection of capable person. Our analysis brings us one of the best emerging nameĀ CA Mangal Rajesh Kumar [Ballot No. 12] for Central Council Elections. Though there are many reasons for our choice, but, what is the most prominent reason is that CA Mangal Rajesh Kumar, being related both to the Government of Rajasthan and Government of India, would establish healthy connect between the said governments and the ICAI and would be able to ensure that our concerns are addressed by the governments.

We do not end here and present before you a brief profile of CA Mangal Rajesh Kumar :

  • CA Mangal Rajesh Kumar, M.Com, F.C.A., is from Jaipur is contesting Central Council Election-2015 – ICAI from Central Region
  • He is one of the Senior Chartered Accountant Member of ICAI and known for his selfless and dedicated service to the profession.
  • He is a committed and active member with the vision of widening the Brand of CA Fraternity.
  • He is continuously striving towards the betterment of CA Fraternity and is always appreciated by one & all for his committed vision, connectivity and zeal for revolutionizing the Chartered Accountancy profession.
  • CA MANGAL RAJESH KUMAR definitely stands tall and strong considering his clarity of vision and commitment for our profession & therefore recently he has been appointed Director of Two Navratan Companies i.e. National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (NMDC) & Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) by Govt. of India.
  • Through this post, we would personally request you to please cast your First Preference Vote for Central Council in favor of CA Mangal Rajesh Kumar (Ballot No.12) and also request your colleagues in profession for their kind favor, for the ultimate betterment of the profession.

Soliciting your wholehearted co-operation, support and blessings.


CA Vineet Sodhani

Rajesh Mangal (1)

Rajesh Mangal (2)

Rajesh Mangal (3)

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