GST : 8 Returns under GST and No revised return to be permitted – Joint Committee Reports

The proposed GST regime is likely to provide for monthly filing of returns for business to business dealings through a set of eight forms for different categories of transactions. The Joint Committee on Business Process for GST in relation to GST Return has suggested filing of a periodic e-return for Central GST, State GST and Integrated GST. As per the proposal, the returns can be filed on a specific date of a month, like on 10th of next month for outward supplies, 15th for inward supplies and 20th in case of monthly returns. The Committee suggested that in the GST regime there should be eight forms for filing of returns by tax payers.

There will also be provision for filing of GST returns by non-resident tax payers in form GSTR-5. Non-resident tax payers could include taxi aggregators like Uber. The proposed Goods and Service Tax (GST) mechanism will not permit any revision of GST returns, which may create some challenges for taxpayers. Currently, both service tax and value added tax (VAT) laws permit revision of the tax returns that have been filed. In other words, taxpayers can file a fresh return to correct any mistakes that have been made in a previous return submitted by them.

The report covering the topic “GST returns”, recently released by the joint committee on business processes for the proposed GST legislation, calls for filing of returns by all registered taxpayers even if there has been no business activity during the period covered by the return. Such taxpayers will have to file a ‘nil’ return. GST returns will be allowed to be uploaded in the system, even in case of short payment of tax, for the limited purpose of having the information about self-assessed tax liability on record. However, from the taxpayer’s perspective, such returns will be regarded as ‘invalid’ returns.


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