TestSeries : CA Kratika Agarwal [AIR-6, CA Final M19] shares strategy

1. Score Card

My total marks were 583 and my subject wise marks are : FR-93, SFM-91, Audit-60, Law-65, Cost-76, EcoLaw-62, DT-69 & IDT-67

2. Four reasons for joining Sodhani’s TestSeries

I had joined Vineet Sodhani Sir’s TestSeries

2.1 Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus

The most important thing I liked (my favourite) about this test series is “coverage of syllabus”. You’ll find question from each and every chapter that you’ve read in your preparation time in the mock test paper.

2.2 Quality Papers

The second thing is this “level of paper”. The level of paper is quite high that you’ll well-equip with the time management and the speed management during examination time.

2.3 Result Discussion with Sodhani Sir

The third thing is Sodhani Sir personally attends each and every student about the weakness points and about the improvement points, which are really helpful to perform well in examinations.

2.4 Flexible Schedule

The fourth and last but not the least is “Your Time Your Date”. Sir makes sure that the student feels convenient about the time-table. So we can customize the time-table at which time we want to give our test series.

3. Examination Strategy

Now, I would like to discuss the strategy, which I followed in my exam preparations.

3.1 Daily schedule

My daily schedule : I used to study for 9-10 hours during my initial months. Afterwards, I increased it to 12 and 14 hours during my examination times.

3.2 Preparation for practicals

Regarding my preparation for practicals : I made sure that I was solving each and every question by hand during my first revision. I highlighted the most important and specific points, which I found out in every question so that, in second revision, I used to ponder upon that specific points only.

3.3 Preparation for theory

Regarding my theory subject preparations : I used to study study-material number of times so that I thoroughly covered each and every topic. Also, to retain and increase my retention capacity, I used to relate points with the headings so that, as soon as, I saw that heading I could memorize the points, which were covered in that Heading.

3.4 No. of Revision and Material referred

Afterwards, my number of revisions, following this strategy, were five (5). I strictly adhered to the ICAI study materials. You have to study comprehensively the whole Study Material (SM) issued by ICAI.

3.5 Preparation at eve of Exam

One day before examination, I made sure that whatever topics I had prepared during 6 months I used to go through the same. Full course, I used to revise 1-day before examinations.

3.6 Presentation of Answers

In the exam hall, the most important thing, apart from your knowledge, is presentation part. Whatever answers you are writing in your copy must catch the eye of the examiner. To do the same what I did ? In practical part, I gave working notes for each and every number which I am writing in my table. For theory, I used to write answers in this manner : First of all, I wrote provisions; Then, the issue which is being asked in the question; and Then, the conclusion; so that whosoever is checking my copy must get to know that conclusion I am writing specifically. For questions which are bare theoretical, I used to give answers point-wise writing the keywords required by ICAI and underlining the same.

4. Do’s and Don’ts for Examinations

Now come to Do’s and Don’ts for Examinations.

4.1 Adhere to ICAI materials

Strictly adhere to study materials issued by ICAI. Don’t be confused about the material that you’re referring.

4.2 Give mock tests

Do give mock tests. Howsoever hard you prepare; howsoever good you prepare : but, doesn’t matter if you don’t give mock tests and if you are not able to assess yourself before examinations.

4.3 Minimum 3-revisions

Minimum number of revisions before sitting in exams should be three (3). At least, you must go through the whole course 3 number of times before examinations. I am recommending three revisions because : (a) it will help you boost your confidence; and (b) it will improve your retention capacity as well.

4.4 How to prepare for MCQs

What to do for MCQ. I used to go through the whole study material. In this manner, I could prepare for theoretical questions for main questions also and MCQs as well at the same time.

4.5 Ensure Entertainment but avoid Social Media addiction

Avoid social media as much as you can. Don’t be just cut-off from that media. Use that media for entertainment. Like, what I did : I had 1-hour fixed format TV-show, which I used to watch compulsorily every day so that I get freshened-up and get sit to study in good mood. So, do your entertainment and do the hobbies, which you pursue but still keeping the time-frame for studies you have kept. Make sure that you’re completing your target that you’ve set for yourself.