Success Story : Self-study of Sodhani sir’s book + His free query Panel : Helped me score 75 marks

Myself Saurabh Pandey. I belong to a small village in Bihar where profession like chartered accountant is hardly known by people. My accounts teacher told me about the same and I came delhi after completing my higher secondary and started my journey.

Through out it I have come to realise that sometimes exam is not to test intellect but patience. We should stay focused,confident and trust our instincts. I got 57 in my 1st attempt then goes to 40s in next. Now i am Chartered Accountant with 75 marks in IDT.

I would like to thank Vineet Sir & Deepshikha Mam and their awesome book for guiding me towards right direction.

I am also thankful for wonderful enquiry response on any doubt. I think this is great effort from both for those who prefer self study from their book.

Moreover it would not have been possible without constant motivation and inspiration given by my family, friends and teachers.

CA Saurabh Pandey

CA Saurabh Pandey May 2016 - 75 marks IDT CA Saurabh Pandey May 2016 - 75 marks IDT marksheet

idt pop up - teacher - 2016

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