CA Final (New) : SODHANIs TestSeries for CA Final Nov. 2018 (New Scheme)

“Improve your writing skills, comprehension, confidence & concepts”

at SODHANIs TestSeries+ for CA Final Exams Nov. 2018 (New Scheme)
(Face-to-Face at Jaipur & Online through website)



♦ Basic Products

No. Name of Product No. of Tests Price
1 TestN18 New Final FR 3 1,500
2 TestN18 New Final SFM 3 1,500
3 TestN18 New Final AAPE 3 1,500
4 TestN18 New Final CEL 3 1,500
5 TestN18 New Final COST 3 1,500
6 6A TestN18 New Final RiskM 6A 3 1,500
6B TestN18 New Final FSCM 6B
6C TestN18 New Final IntTax 6C
6D TestN18 New Final EcoLaw 6D
6E TestN18 New Final GFRS 6E
6F TestN18 New Final MDCS 6F
7 TestN18 New Final DT 4 1,500
8 TestN18 New Final IDT 4 1,500
9 TestN18 New Final Group 1 FullCourse Test 4 2,000
10 10A TestN18 New Final Gr2 FullCourse Elec6aRiskM 4 2,000
10B TestN18 New Final Gr2 FullCourse Elec6bFSCM
10C TestN18 New Final Gr2 FullCourse Elec6cIntTax
10D TestN18 New Final Gr2 FullCourse Elec6dEcoLaw
10E TestN18 New Final Gr2 FullCourse Elec6eGFRS
10F TestN18 New Final Gr2 FullCourse Elec6fMDCS

♦ Combos

No. Name of product Products covered Test MRP Combo Savings
11 TestN18 New Final Group 1 FR(3) + SFM(3) + AAPE(3) + CEL(3) 12 6,000 4,500 1,500 (25.00%)
12 TestN18 New Final DT IDT Cost FR SFM Practicals FR(3)+SFM(3)+Cost(3)+ DT(4)+ IDT(4) 17 7,500 5,500 2,000 (26.67%)
13 13A TestN18 New Final Group 2 Elec6aRiskM Cost(3) + DT(4) + IDT(4) + ElectivePaper(3) 14 6,000 4,500 1,500 (25.00%)
13B TestN18 New Final Group 2 Elec6bFSCM
13C TestN18 New Final Group 2 Elec6cIntTax
13D TestN18 New Final Group 2 Elec6dEcoLaw
13E TestN18 New Final Group 2 Elec6eGFRS
13F TestN18 New Final Group 2 Elec6fMDCS
14 14A TestN18 New Final Both Group Elec6aRiskM FR(3) + SFM(3) + AAPE(3) + CEL(3) + Cost(3) + DT(4) + IDT(4) + ElectivePaper(3) 26 12,000 8,000 4,000 (33.33%)
14B TestN18 New Final Both Group Elec6bFSCM
14C TestN18 New Final Both Group Elec6cIntTax
14D TestN18 New Final Both Group Elec6dEcoLaw
14E TestN18 New Final Both Group Elec6eGFRS
14F TestN18 New Final Both Group Elec6fMDCS
15 15A TestN18 New Final BothGr FullCourse Elec6aRiskM FR(1) + SFM(1) + AAPE(1) + CEL(1) + Cost(1) + DT(1) + IDT(1) + ElectivePaper(1) 8 4,000 3,500 500 (12.5%)
15B TestN18 New Final BothGr FullCourse Elec6bFSCM
15C TestN18 New Final BothGr FullCourse Elec6cIntTax
15D TestN18 New Final BothGr FullCourse Elec6dEcoLaw
15E TestN18 New Final BothGr FullCourse Elec6eGFRS
15F TestN18 New Final BothGr FullCourse Elec6fMDCS


Online TestSeries — Downloading & Uploading

1. We accept your Schedule — YourDate YourPlace YourTime

  • You may draw your own schedule for appearing in our test series
  • You may appear in our tests only on or after test start date provided by us
  • For this purpose, just click at “My Schedule” Tab [after login] and choose YourDate YourTime

2. Download paper :

  • TestPaper may be downloaded between Test-start & Test-Expiry Times.
  • EXPIRED TEST PAPER >> If test paper could not be downloaded in 6-7 days (i.e., before download expiry time), you may request extension at YourDate YourTime.

(a) automatic extension for small extensions ; and

(b) in case of large extensions, approval of admin is required and is granted in 2 working days.

3. Upload time :

  • Download time is captured by system.
  • System allows = Test Duration + 2 Hours for uploading, i.e., if test is of 3 hours, system would allow 5 hours in total.
  • If you cannot upload within specified time (5 hours in aforesaid example), you may :

(a) request for extension, or,

(b) send at via e-mail at any time.


  1. Possess a valid gmail ID
  2. Register yourself at our website [] [Fully SmartPhone Compatible]
  3. Add and to your contacts and create a gmail filter so that e-mails are not lost in SPAM
  4. Select Product and make online payment


>> See “My products” tab for products purchased by you

  1. Look for “My Tests” menu >> It shows —
  • Pending Tests
  • Upcoming Tests
  • Expired Tests >> You may extend expiry >> YourDate YourTime
  • Unchecked Tests
  • Checked Tests
  1. Look for “My Schedule” menu >> Draw your schedule [postpone tests to YourDate YourTime]
  2. Write down answers in your handwriting on plain paper

Specify page-numbering


  1. Convert your hand-written answer in PDF form

Use CamScanner App only [available for both iPhone & Android]

Ensure proper scanning

  1. Upload Answers on >> Open website on SmartPhone & Upload
  2. Copy Checked >> Evaluated answer book is uploaded with marks & remarks

>> You get an e-mail after each evaluation >> Download your answerbook at any time

>> Suggested Answers available for download in separate column

  1. Chat with us in case of any query/doubt, using Chat forum on our website

About Test Papers

  • Prepared by SODHANIs Editorial Board comprising of expert faculties
  • Test papers based on latest examination trend
  • Test papers cover questions likely to be asked in forthcoming examination.
  • Test papers cover entire syllabus of subjects
  • The papers are set “as per exam level” or “a bit above the actual exam level” to prepare students for the worst-case scenario


  • Evaluation of answer books is done as per suggested guidelines
  • Suggested answers are provided to candidates for improvement in their performance by knowing their deficiencies in questions attempted by them.
  • Suggested answers show step-wise break-up of answer

Benefits of TEST SERIES

  • Confidence building and Strong conceptual understanding.
  • Increasing writing abilities which is must for expert level required in CA Exams

Benefits of Online Test Series

  • No need to waste time in transit — Tests at your door
  • Choose Test Date and Timing as per your course completion schedule
  • Preserve your Evaluated Copies
  • Discuss your problem with Sodhani Sir—
  • Preserve your discussion for future reference